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Came up with ideas


Candy canes

Gum **Wonka Candy***

Worked more on page, did worksheet thing Pence assigned us. Filled it all out, then set up index page built, then started for the outline of all of them. Got them all basically set up.

Worked on getting my CSS for the site done, editing pics, and getting all the basic outline pages the same. Fixed up the pages a bit, and added all the info about Mr. Wonka. Then worked on the movie all the info, a few pictures.

Finished up the "Movie" page by getting more pictures and everything. Started working on the candy page, got pics and got it all set up. Then worked on the products page and got it all done. Need to do: main page, history, candy, promotions. Done with: movie, products

Got the candy page fixed up and done, also worked on the history page (got it pretty much done) and the home page (also almost done). Still need to do the promotion page and make minor edits. Did some random editing all over.

Finished up the main page, and did a few little edits here and there. Worked on the promotion page. Added midis to almost all of my pages =)

Fixed up pages a tiny bit, then edited the promotions page. Messed around a bit with stuff, but didn't change anything. Finished the promotions page. Done with my site??

Edited the site a bit, waiting for Mr. Pence but never came

Edited and was going to put tables on my Candy page and on my Movie page. Edited the CSS a little bit too.

Edited the tables on the Candy and Movie pages. Finished up the site. Got rid of the products page and added alts to all pictures

Made sure all links popped up to new window...fixed everything up to finish the site

Checked to make sure everything was peachy. Everything was. I feel like I am done now. =)

Fixed tables to fit smaller resolutions better.

Uploaded site to Tripod.

Added Meta search info to all pages, re-uploaded. Finished and graded with rubric

About My Blog

This is a blog that's all about my site and how its getting put together. The construction of the site is very important to Mr. Pance. So I will keep this blog. I will update it every day and keep track of everything I do.

If you need any more info, feel free to e-mail me. I am always looking for ways to better improve the site, so please let me know if you have any ideas.

Background thanks to NBFD Candy. Music thanks to Chuckie.

2004 Wolf Kitten Inc.