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Yummy Candy

Bottlecaps Bottlecaps: Introduced and winning the Candy of the Year Award in 1972, they are pieces of candy that are shaped like bottle caps, and taste like soda pop.
Fun Dip Fun Dip: Born into existance in 1942, they are great tasting lick and dip candy with an edible stick.
Gobstoppers Gobstoppers: The year 1976 saw the introduction of Gobstoppers, which can be chewy or everlasting, and are fruity in flavour.
Laffy Taffy Laffy Taffy: Introduced in 1952, it is a chewy, fruity candy and is very much like salt water taffy.
Nerds Nerds: Introduced in 1983, they are small candies that come in a vary of abstract shapes and flavours.
Pixy Stix Pixy Stix: Invented in 1971, they are mouth watering, flavorful powder candy that is packaged in a colorful straw.
Runts Runts: First seen on the market in 1982, they are fruit flavoured and shaped candies.
Shocktarts Shocktarts: Introduced in 1982, they are very tart/sour candies that can really shock people, but also taste sort of fruity.
Sweetarts Sweetarts: Invented in 1963, they are a hard tablet of sweet and tart, fruit flavored candy.
Tangy Taffy Tangy Taffy: Invented in 1988, they are flavored candy taffy bars, with a slightly tangy flavor.
Tart 'n Tiny Tart 'n Tiny: Introduced in 1969, they are exactly what their name implies: small and somewhat sour.


Wacky Wafers Wacky Wafers: Introduced in the 1960's, they were discontinued in the late 90's due to low demand. They are candy shaped like a silver dollar, with flavors like green apple,banana, cherry, blue raspberry
Wonka Bar Wonka Bar: Born in 1998, it is a chocolate bad with graham cracker, modeled after the movie's bar.

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Background thanks to NBFD Candy. Music thanks to Chuckie. Information from Very Best Kids.

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