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Promotions and offers

The Golden Ticket

There are many offers avaliable from Wonka many times a year. Listed below are the lasted ones that I could find. They include links to rules and other info you might need.

  • Four concerts in four cities: you choose where you go. The lastest contest from Wonka Bars could let you pick your favourite band in your favourite city. The grand prize is 4 trips for a family of 4 to see 4 concerts in 4 cities of your choice. 80 first prizes are $150 in Ticketmaster gift certificate to see any concert you want. 320 second prizes are $20 Music Cash gift certificate to buy your favorite CD. Click here for rules.
  • Nestle's VIP music Experiance! Also on Sweetart wrappers are the chance to win a VIP trip a private concert, with Satcie Orrico. When you enter for a chance to win a trip to Los Angeles with VIP access to see DJ Paul Oakenfold perform, you also get into Nestle's Backstage All-Access Area where you can check out the Artist of the Month, music videos, movie trailers and games! Click here for rules.
  • Eat, Lick and Win! This instant game is on all products with the ShockTarts name. There are over 1 million prizes overall. There are two grand prizes, which are: either a trip to NMew York to "shop like a celebrity" or a trip to Los Angeles to "Party like a Rock Star." First place is 1 of 100 shopping sprees, worth $50 dollars, or 1 of 100 CD shopping sprees, also worth $50. Third place is 1 of 1,000,000 WONKA candy prizes! Click here for rules!
  • General Rules

    There is never any purchase necessary, you can always just write to Wonka for a free game piece. The contests are usually open to people 6 and older, who live in the 50 United States, and D. C. You can obtain a game piece by either opening the candy that the promotion is mentioned on/of, or you can write to Wonka for a free game piece. Prizes must be obtained by the winner, and cannot be released to anyone else. You may only recieve the prize mentioned, no trade-ins or cash.

    To claim a prize, you have to have the original wrapper - no photo copies allowed. Prizes will be mailed to the winner, after they said in the winning piece(s). If it is a minor, a parent's signature is also required. All prizes are subject to verification. Only the Grand Prize will be re-rewarded in a second chance drawing, no first or second places.

    To be eligable for the second chance drawing, you need to have a special passowrd obtained in non-winning wrappers. The winner will be notified by mail. The only way this drawing takes place is if the grand prize is not claimed by the date mentioned.

    If you need any more info, feel free to e-mail me. I am always looking for ways to better improve the site, so please let me know if you have any ideas.

    Background thanks to NBFD Candy. Music thanks to Chuckie. Information and rules from Wonka

    2004 Wolf Kitten Inc.